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It initially comes from the Japanese manga Hana Yori Dango, that was published from 1992 to 2002.This story may be called cliché but since the manga is an old manga, I’ll dare to say it was one of the first stories of its genre.A girl that resemble "Sadako" of the movie Ring is being feared by her classmates. While everyone is avoiding her, the popular boy Shota Kazehaya befriends her, and their love begins to grow. It is a story of girl who works as an English teacher and dreams of moving to New York, but unexpectedly, she encounters a handsome monk, and the story begins.

Fourth year university student Sawada Takuto is having a tough time looking for a job.The first drama ever adapted from the manga was the Taiwanese version, , and that’s why I called it the original version (leaving aside the manga and anime).This drama closely follows the story of the manga and was a big breakthrough for Barbie Hsu, Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou. The foreign filming locations were gorgeous; the clothing, the cars and the houses used were all high class.He himself is Tsukasa, as it was said by several people that his temper and personality were pretty similar to Tsukasa’s. They also did a good job with the story adaptation in order to fit the standard number of episodes for a Japanese drama.Making two seasons and ending the story with a movie was a good choice. No hate for those who don't ship them but MAO AND JUN IS THE BEST COUPLE EVER. :) of all the japanese actress i've known, inoue mao seems to be the boyish of them all, in the way she act and in real life also, but definitely she's the cutest especially in her batch.... I feel that she always manages to pull people's heartstrings. I heard that she's picky when it comes to choosing roles hence the reason why she doesn't appear in many dramas like other actresses, but I think that's good. I'm tired of watching dramas with a great cast and a crappy female protagonist. You became more beautiful in I Give My First Love to You with your curly hairstyle. Inoue Mao's portrayal as Mayu Taneda in "I Give My First Love to You (Boku no Hatsukoi wo Kimi ni Sasagu)" is really moving and amazing.


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