Dry drunk and dating

Our relationship has been a very positive one thus far. I have been dating a recovering alcoholic/substance abuser for a little over 1 year- he is 8 years sober.I had brought home a bottle of nice wine and put it in the refrigerator for dinner.

The first experience was with a roommate that was in AA.

Even if you’ve been married to an individual for most of your adult life, if you are being treated the way the woman in No Longer Dead was being treated, you haven’t had a relationship. A Narcissist absolves themselves from relationship responsibilities before they engage with another individual.

A narcissist doesn’t have relationships; he or she merely has mirrors.

I just read a post entitled No Longer Dead and I knew immediately what this woman was dealing with based on the first half of her post.

My assumption is that the second half is her, telling herself that she will not accept this individual any longer he acquiesces to her completely legitimate and emotionally healthy demands.


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