Online dating for truck drivers

When she decided to try online dating again, a month after she and Dan separated, Leonor was determined to make a wiser choice.Unlike in 2001, when she and Dan exchanged emails and scanned pictures over a slow connection, Leonor had a robust set of online tools — video chat, social media, messaging apps — to help her find the right man.Divorce is illegal and socially taboo in the Philippines, but Leonor realized she would have to leave her husband.She had followed a well-worn script when she and Dan met in 2001: beautiful young Filipina meets old but rich Western man.(Jerry Davich / Post-Tribune) The note, written on yellow legal paper, is posted in a bathroom at the TA Travel Centers of America truck stop in Lake Station."Dear truckers, I'm writing a book about trucking, based on your stories," it begins."If you're here overnight or for a reset, I would love to talk to you," the note states."I especially want to hear from gay people, transgender folks, immigrants or other people who don't fit the trucker stereotype. I couldn't do it without your stories."The note is written by Anne Balay, a former professor at Indiana University Northwest in Gary who authored the 2014 book, "Steel Closets: Voices of Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Steelworkers." Balay, who is gay, currently teaches as an assistant professor at Haverford College in Pennsylvania.When asked, professional drivers will tell you that they are drawn to the Championships by the spirit of competition and by the prestige of being named the best of the best.

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This competition has a long history – dating back to 1937 when it was known as the National Truck Roadeo.

Known to many as the "Super Bowl of Safety," these annual competitions inspire tens of thousands of drivers to operate accident-free for the right to compete During the TDC and NTDC competition, each driver has a chance to demonstrate his or her driving and inspection skills, knowledge and professionalism through a series of tests.

The drivers undergo a written examination, personal interview, pre-trip inspection test and finally, the most visible - the skills test.

Marilu Rose Fanning, 64, of Lake Station, a transgender woman who retired from trucking, has identified as a woman for decades, dating back to this photo of her from 1987.

(Marilu Rose Fanning / Post-Tribune)It will highlight the experiences of professional truckers who don't fit the stereotypical image of the middle-aged white guy behind the wheel.


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