Darting naked

Fart lighting, also known as pyroflatulence or flatus ignition, is the practice of igniting the gases produced by human flatulence, often producing a flame of a blue hue, hence the act being known colloquially as a "blue angel", "blue dart", or in Australia, a "blue flame".

The fact that flatus is flammable, and the actual combustion of it through this practice, gives rise to much humorous derivation.

Members of the “mob” – a group of models hired by Brand Alley, sponsors of The Naturally Fashionable Garden – were painted from the neck down in bold blocks of colour and wore only skimpy black underpants and “nipple daisies”. They must hunt and gather whatever they need until extraction day.See full summary » In each pulse-racing "Fear Factor" episode, contestants (sometimes solo, often paired with spouses, siblings or best friends) recruited from across the nation must decide if they have the ... It’s not often you see lots of painted people running around naked at Chelsea wearing nipple daisies. Rainy daylight spilled around me while heaping clouds piled high into the sky.Without the nudity, this show would naturally be a 3/10.


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