Opensolaris pkg selective updating

* Tue Apr 22 2014 [email protected] Upgrade to STABLE Version 2014.2.15 (February 23, 2014) libntfs: added use of hd library to get the legacy BIOS geometry libntfs: switched to /proc/mounts for checking existing mounts libntfs: fixed usa checking by ntfsck on 4K sector disks libntfs: fixed processing compressed data beyond file size (Windows 8 compliance) libntfs: fixed expanding a resident attribute without inserting holes libntfs: allow DACLs to not have any ACE libntfs: ignore unmapped regions when checking whether sparse libntfs: upgraded the Win32 interface for use with ntfsprogs ntfsresize: enabled relocating the MFT when shrinking a volume ntfsresize: fixed trying to update the MFT and Bitmap on a test run ntfsresize: fixed updating all the MFT runs in a relocated MFT ntfsresize: set the backup boot sector when the size is reliable ntfsresize: reserved a single sector for the backup boot sector ntfsundelete: output the modification time when scanning files ntfsundelete: ported to Windows ntfsclone: fixed wiping fragmented metadata when creating a metadata image ntfsclone: allowed cloning a file system despite allocation errors ntfsclone: fixed bad copying of the backup boot sector ntfsclone: ported to Windows ntfsdecrypt: made compatible with libgrypt-1.6 * Mon May 20 2013 Greg.

[email protected] Upgrade to STABLE Version 2013.1.13 (January 14, 2013) ntfs-3g: fixed returned files types in readdir() ntfs-3g: force option âroâ when mounting a read-only device ntfs-3g: keep the name of a deleted file in place for easier undeletion ntfs-3g: accept multiple read-only mounts ntfs-3g: improved Windows-type ACL inheritance, as needed by Windows 8 ntfs-3g: avoid unnecessary runlist update when appending data to a file ntfs-3g: added inheritance of the set-group-id flag ntfs-3g: deny mounting when fast restart mode of Windows 8 is detected ntfs-3g: reject getting/setting DOS names on hard linked files ntfsclone: fixed wiping user data when creating metadata images ntfsclone: implemented a new option to set a new serial number ntfsfix: implemented fixing the backup boot sector ntfsfix: fixed clearing the bad cluster list ntfsinfo: added allocation data to the volume parameters summary ntfsinfo: output the numbers of runs and fragments for the selected file ntfslabel: implemented a new option to set a new serial number ntfswipe: added optional wiping of file tails and undelete data mkntfs: insert an $Info stream in $Up Case to comply with Windows 8 openindianas: merged Open Indiana requirements into the driver and fuse-lite - remove ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-use-caution-with-fastboot.patch, now in upstream * Mon Apr 15 2013 [email protected] Add Source URL, see Urls * Thu Jan 31 2013 [email protected] Add ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-use-caution-with-fastboot.patch to prevent partitions with metadata cached in Windows (when Fast Boot is enabled) from being mounted; patch taken from upstream git and rebased (bnc#798337 / rh#859373).

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- Define a ntfs-3g subpackage, for compatibility with old package.

- Split libntfs-3g in libntfs-3g81 subpackage to follow shared library packaging policy.

opening a file in an editor) usually do not keep the file open, they load the file content during the “open document” operation and they replace the file (using one of the strategies above) during the “save document” operation.

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I wonder how killer applications such as Thunderbird or Firefox can be updated via the system's package manager while they are still running.

What happens with the old code while they are being updated?

* Fri Jul 01 2011 [email protected] Rename source package from ntfs-3g to ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs (following upstream).

- Remove ntfsprogs Build Requires as it will now be built with this package; update %check to reference the mkntfs binary we built instead of the system one.


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