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The Blue Book - if you're serious about buying and selling used guitars, the Blue Book provides the most detailed pricing, dating and identification info. Guitar HQ - a nice all-around mainstream vintage guitar site.

All the standard Gibson and Fender type stuff, plus some other interesting odds and ends.

We were originally going to do this project together, but decided that two sites are better than one. Soviet - this cool Russian language page for fans of Soviet era instruments is rapidly becoming an important resource.

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Among the brands associated with his activities are Kingston, Teisco, Teisco Del Rey, Silvertone, Emperador, Cortez, and Cort, not to mention a host of other monikers that have graced guitars coming from the Cort factory.

We're in a global economy; Mc Luhan's global village instantaneously connected with e-mail. How did we arrive at our current state of affairs, and who is responsible?

"How" is a long, interesting discussion that covers most of the last century or two and that we'll have some other time. While there may have been a handful of intrepid pioneers who began developing international guitar manufacturing, it's no exaggeration to say that no one has had a bigger impact on the globalization of guitars than Mr.

And it was Westheimer who, along with folks like Jerry Freed and Tommy Moore, brought Korea to the point where today more than half of all guitars made in the world come from that Asian peninsula.

GENERAL VINTAGE GUITAR RESOURCES: Vintage Guitar Magazine - this is Vintage Guitar 101 and all neophytes are advised to start here.


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