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There are 180 degrees east of the Prime Meridian and coordinates are sometimes given without the designation of "E" or east.

When this is used, a positive value represents coordinates east of the Prime Meridian.

To avoid confusion, the world's nations have agreed that the Prime Meridian, which passes through the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, England, will serve as that reference point and be designated as zero degrees.

Because of this designation, longitude is measured in degrees west or east of the Prime Meridian.

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The 180° line is neither east nor west and approximates the International Date Line."Walking in the court room, sipping on the beverage / I know the judge so I got a lot of leverage / Pissing on these bitches is a fetish (R.Kelly)" -- "Labels we playin' chess / Nothin', I'm not contested / You n---as is stupid, thinkin' Craig Kallman won't send his shooters / They been robbin' for years, no fear to blow out your noodles" -- Craig Kallman, Atlantic Records Chairman/CEO, holds the purse strings to the label that powers Ross' Maybach Music Group imprint. "Had a phone call with Drake so we could fix the madness / Time for the real n---as just to really cash in" -- While Ross kept a tight lip during Meek Mill's beef with his frequent collaborator, Drake, he seems to confirm reports that he met with the 6 God to keep the peace.Even if you've committed a felony, you can vote as long as you’re off parole. US Senate: Kamala Harris US House District 12: Preston Picus US House District 14: Jackie Speier State Senate, District 11: Jane Kim State Assembly, District 17: No endorsement State Assembly, District 19: No endorsement Office No.7: Victor Hwang Stevon Cook Matt Haney Mark Sanchez Rafael Mandelman Tom Temprano Shanell Williams District 7: Lateefah Simon District 9: Bevan Dufty District 1: Sandra Lee Fewer District 3: Aaron Peskin District 5: Dean Preston District 7: Norman Yee District 9: #1 Hillary Ronen #2 Melissa San Miguel District 11: #1 Kimberly Alvarenga #2 Francisco Herrera Prop 51: School Construction & Repair Bond - No Endorsement Prop 52: Wonky Hospital Medi-Cal Matching Fees - Yes Prop 53: Require Even More Bonds On the Ballot - No Prop 54: Publish Bills 72 Hours Before a Vote - Yes Prop 55: Extension of Income Tax on the 1% - Hell Yes Prop 56: Tax E-cigs & Bump Up Cigarette Tax - Yes Prop 57: Progressive Parole Reform - Hell Yes Prop 58: Allow Multilingual Education in Public Schools - Yes Prop 59: Citizens United Sucks - Sure ¯\_(ツ)_/¯Prop 60: Moralizing Crusade to Require Condoms in Adult Films - No Prop 61: Wonky Prescription Drug Pricing Change - No Prop 62: Repeal the Death Penalty - Hell Yes Prop 63: Gavin Newsom’s Vanity Gun Control Prop - Ugh, fine Prop 64: Marijuana Legalization - Hell Yes Prop 65: Redirect Money from the Disposable Bag Fee - No Prop 66: Kill Everyone Even Faster with the Death Penalty - AYFKM? Prop 67: Protect the Plastic Bag Ban - Yes Prop A: Local School District Bond - Yes Prop B: Renew the Parcel Tax for City College - Yes Prop C: Bond to Make Loans to Buy and Fix Affordable Housing - Yes Prop D: Let’s Elect Our Elected Officials - Hell Yes Prop E: Make the City Responsible for Street Trees - Yes Prop F: Vote 16!Niggas want piss on your grave Bitch I might piss on your family Nigga what's happening?


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