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The workers, predominantly from South Asia including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Egypt, earn a take-home wage of just 61 cents an hour although the work is tough and the management abusive.

"The standard shift at Classic is 13 hours a day, six and seven days a week, with some 18 1/2 hour shifts before the clothing must be shipped to the U. According to witness testimonies, workers are routinely cursed at, hit and shortchanged of their wages for failing to reach their mandatory production goals.

No significant differences in the distance between procoxal or mesocoxal articulations observed between males and females.

But the distance between the metacoxal articulations was significantly higher for females than males.

"On the weekly holiday, the alleged serial rapist general manager, Anil Santha, sends a van to bring four or five young women to his hotel, where he abuses them.

The lives of the young Sri Lankan rape victims are completely shattered, as in their culture, virginity is highly prized and critical for a good marriage," the report said.

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Some recruitment agencies and agents also commit fraud by engaging in contract switching; they promise one type of job and conditions but then change the job, employer, conditions, or salary after arrival.To press the women to work faster, managers grope and fondle them." Some 1,800 Chinese workers in the Dongguan Zhenyang Wanju factory in Guangdong produce toys for Disney, Mattel, Hasbro and other international brands under harsh conditions, stripped of their rights, their dignity, their voice and basic justice.Shipbreaking workers in Bangladesh toil 12-hours a day at one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.Identification of semiochemicals involved in their behavioral and chemical communication will help to develop insect control strategies.We studied morphological and sexually dimorphic characters of this species as an aid to rapid separation of sexes for studies aiming to identify semiochemicals that may be of value in management.Marshall (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), also known as the Sri Lankan weevil, is becoming a major pest of ornamentals and tropical fruit trees in the southern states of United States, especially in Florida.


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