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In 2010, the Boulder County district attorney's office agreed to review the case and approved an arrest affidavit for Smika. Smika's bail was set at million after the warrant was issued.is an American actor, director, producer, businessman, environmentalist, and philanthropist. Redford began acting on television in the early 1960s.She said she isn't bitter about the delays in getting a murder warrant.

An autopsy showed Wells was shot execution-style at point-blank range in the back of the head with a 20-guage shotgun.

He is a white-American of He is of Scots-Irish descent. On September and after a year, they turned to husband and wife after a marriage.

They were happy for being each other's loving spouse and From their relationship the couple blessed with four children Amy Redford, James Redford, Scott Anthony Redford, Shauna Redford.

” (We’re hoping the latter is an artifact of auto-correct.) Such inquiries were puzzling because those two Academy Award-winning film icons are not in fact married to each other, they’re not planning to get married, nor are they even dating — and as far as we know, there’s never been any hint of romance between them outside of the characters they portrayed in the 1985 film .

Moreover, both actors have long been wed to someone else — Robert Redford with Sibylle Szaggars since 2009, and Meryl Streep with Don Gummer since 1978 — making a planned or present marriage between them somewhat awkward, if not criminal.


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