Who is dylan patton dating

Our roundtable thinks that people will be watching at least the first few episodes to see what the show will be like without Cory Monteith.Will mentioned that this premiere will bring all Lastly, the panel talks about the twerking world record!

Now, several years later, these two are officially a couple on the highly acclaimed show, .

Opposites attracted in this incredible series and we loved watching how Emma and Hansen’s relationship was able to grow over the course of all of the episodes.

Now, with a highly anticipated second season coming our way soon, we can’t wait to see what kind of fun this excellent couple will get into.

Luke Kerr of Zap2it called Will one of the show's most important characters.

Various LGBT news sources have criticized the slow pace of Will's coming out story line, while others noted that Days of Our Lives was one of the last shows to portray gay characters.


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