Sweetheart scams internet dating potassium argon dating advantages

We deal with many cases of financial fraud and identity theft here at the Identity Theft Resource Center.

So, be aware of anyone who approaches you soon after a break up of any kind, and if money comes up, walk away. Even if everything is going great, do some digging. They'll refuse to show their real face, or meet in person.Take a recent case in which the victim became so engrossed in the online relationship that she cut off all communication with other family members who tried to investigate the situation.The victim met the criminal online when he used a fake profile and identity to friend her on Facebook.The "Sweetheart Scam" is nothing new, but the internet and dating sites have made it much easier to pull off.Scammers scour online profiles and use their charm to convince the victim that it's love at first sight.One type of fraud that is increasing in both frequency and severity is the sweetheart scam.


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