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Apparently, there was a in development (that never ended up happening, sadly) that started out with Dasey in a pretty romantic situation."I can tell you the pilot started with Casey and Derek in bed together …

I think that Ashley and Michael would make a very cute couple!Matt Damon, move over: Zac Efron is onboard to star in what the Hollywood Reporter calls "a sexy thriller" and his launching pad from teen heartthrob to grownup leading man.The High School Musical star, 21, will also executive produce the project, which so far doesn't have a title.Actually, Michael admitted that "since actors always want to find subtext in their lines and give fans what they desire," the fan-favorite ship was always in the back of their minds.So, if you remember thinking there was some romantic subtext to this scene: Ashley can see why people shipped Dasey, pointing out that "Dasey was just like when you simultaneously hate and love someone, since the step-siblings rarely got along, but did prove to be there for one another when it really counted." You know, your classic love/hate relationship.First, we will look at some of the releases that have been officially announced or rumored to be coming to DVD in 2009.


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