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Dating Blogging Social Networking Chat, Discussion Boards, and Forums Quizzes and Surveys The Internet provides rich opportunities for making new friends, finding romance, and sharing interests with others.

This online socializing, just like it’s offline counterpart, can present some danger.

But, it is important to be safe in any type of chat room.

Remember that not only are you talking to strangers but also that there are additional strangers lurking in the rooms with you and you may not know it. In fact, if you don’t feel comfortable answering any question you shouldn’t.

To help you avoid becoming a victim of this scam, we’re giving you a few tips that should give you an edge if you’re sought out by these scammers.

In many cases, these chat rooms provide you with the ability to not only find others that you are interested in, but also to get to know them a little better.

Just as with dating in real life, these online romance platforms host a number of threats including hacks, catfishing and now, investment fraud scam artists.

These scammers are well versed in how to play into an online dater’s vulnerability and eventually con them out of their money with an intricate and entirely falsified investment opportunity.

Dating online requires you take steps to protect yourself.

The first rule of thumb is to trust your instincts when interacting with a potential date. Look for an established, popular site with plenty of members and a philosophy that matches your own. Formal dating sites are not the only places that people meet, and teaching online dating safety is particularly critical to protecting teens.


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