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We’ve seen an absolute explosion in trail camera popularity in the last five years.Yeah, trail cams are fun to use, but when utilized correctly they can dramatically increase your chances of taking a mature buck.Read more: The Axon Body 2 chest-mounted cameras retail for about 0, and licensing for the website and data storage can cost to a month depending on the features a police department wants to activate, the company said.The company earns more revenue in the long run from managing the substantial quantities of data collected by the cameras than from the hardware itself."The offer is legitimate," company founder and CEO Rick Smith said. Agencies can try this with all their officers and not pay us a dime."Smith said the company's offer will allow officers to do their job more effectively and reduce the amount of time officers spend filling out police reports. RIP CURRENTS KILL SWIMMERS EVERY YEAR HERE AT SOUTH PADRE ISLAND. South Padre Island EMS (956) 761-5454 Cameron County Park System (956) 761-5494 U. Coast Guard Station South Padre Island (956) 761-2668 Cameron County Parks Police (956) 761-5283Rip currents (mistakenly called rip tides or undertows) are common and can be found almost daily on all South Padre Island Beaches.

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Book South Padre hotels, condos, and vacation rentals, check out South Padre real estate listings, watersports and activities, dolphin watch, parasailing, restaurants, RV parks, or charter a fishing trip. Only experienced surf swimmers should enter the water. High Risk - Wave Heights 6' and/or Wind Speed greater than 20kts.Male #509 is 6 years old and fledged from a wild nest near Hopper Mountain NWR.The chick of the Big Sur pair, #167 and #190, hatched in May.They are used by just about every serious hunter and deer manager I know and they’re probably the most important advancement in deer hunting equipment since the compound bow.Here’s what my son Neil Dougherty and I have learned in the last decade about setting up trail cameras and analyzing photos to take mature bucks.Together since 2006, this pair was the first ever recorded to nest in a coastal redwood tree.


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