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Its so popular that generally its the first app that is installed on a new mobile device.

People even install Whats App on devices without SIM card.

Whats App is probably the most used messenger App to communicate across the mobile platforms including Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry and i OS (i Phone and i Pad).

Its also available globally so that you can send messeges across the globe for free.

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On the surface, at any suitable situation inevitable flowering chats as a successful means of online dating and socializing.

You can also search within your Whats App data after you decrypt it from its backup file. First find the Whats App database backup file and copy it on your computer.

If you use Whats App on an Android device, the Whats App database backup file is, If you extract the Whats App databse from or files, the name and phone number of a Whats App contact will also be displayed in the extracted file.

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