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All I have are deployment orders)Thank You Jonathan Originally posted by aznsniper305: So it is possible to update the ERB using a prior DD214 that is correct??

All I have are deployment orders)Thank You Jonathan In the e Milpo system, the award number is needed to add it to your records.

I believe my answer above solved the no Method error that was the what you originally asked for help with.

I'd appreciate it if you would approve it on that basis. The problem was that since I was using best_in_place in a non-Activerecord environment (as part of a table with a list of orders), I needed to pass the order id explicitly.

If it matters I'm using Sinatra on Thin server with Ruby 2.0.

updating erb-21updating erb-49updating erb-39updating erb-70

When I went from enlisted to warrant, my ORB was blank and I could not use my ERB or DD214 to add my awards. Well my awards that I earned as in AAm's and ARCOM's are on the ERB.

Vernon was able to purchase an unrestricted PCV license which gave Erb Transport authorization to carry refrigerated goods throughout Ontario. Schneiders Inc.; in 1973/74: Rich Products of Canada; and in the 1980’s, Ready Bake Frozen Dough Inc. agreed to use EDI (electronic data interchange) to change the way they did business with each other – to re-engineer various business processes, in order to address their specific corporate needs. In June 2005, The Erb Group took part in a HACCP audit and became only the second Canadian carrier to gain their HACCP Certification, which confirms Erb’s best practices in food safety and quality assurance.

The company was still based in Wellesley, with the office in the Erb’s family home. It was at this time that Erb developed the strategy that makes it almost unbeatable today – LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments. Phase one was the electronic invoicing of freight bills for transportation services that Erb provided to JMS, while phase two would have JMS electronically transmit customer invoices to Erb’s loading docks for printing and updating.

I want to update a html textarea with the contents of a file on the server.

The problem is the file gets updated on the server very often and I want the user to have the latest version all the time (every 100 milliseconds to be precise).


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