White label dating website

Do you wish to offer a professional dating site to your customers under your own brand? 3MFuture is the exclusive distributor for the online dating white label platform Dating Buzz in Europe.Your dating service can be operational within a few days.Your membership plans and prices could be different.

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All you need is your domain name and we'll do the rest. Below shows a scale of potential membership income. Your site could potentially produce different income. The below scale is based on membership prices of (Monthly), (Quarterly), (Annually) and 9 (Lifetime).

We charge a small monthly fee to manage your dating site and YOU keep the profits. You're now on your way to making money right from the getgo with a fully populated dating site.

You set the membership levels and prices and you keep the cash. Now your domain name is pointing to our servers where your new dating site is ready to go. Should you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

When you start this type of site you create your own dating site that allows people to point their dating site to your network and you manage it and take a percentage of their membership fees.

The more sites that join your network the more money you will make.


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