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Troubleshooting or testing an electrical issue can be very time consuming due to shorts, open splices, broken wires, hidden wiring & junction boxes in the wall or ceiling and the DIY people trying to fix Note: Most Flat rate electrician charge a service call fee plus "X" number of dollars for your first service request and a lower discounted price for the extra "add-on" work you request while they are still on the job.

Electrical outlet, GFI or switch Cost to replace a standard defective electrical switch or outlet Example: Replace 1st device 5, replace additional electrical device(s) - [email protected] Cost to Replace or update to a GFI outlet Example: Replace/update 1st device 5, replace additional device - [email protected] Light fixture (light supplied by others) Cost to replace existing simple light fixture on 8' ceiling Example: Replace 1st fixture 5, replace additional fixture - [email protected] (simple = up to 15 minutes of assembly time) Replace existing fixture in a 2 story foyer, Cost start at 0 Paddle fan (fan supplied by others) Cost to install paddle fan on existing fan rated box (8 - 10' ceiling height) Example: Mount 1st fan 0, mount additional fan [email protected] Cost to install a replacement fan rated box 0, additional fan box(s) 5 Circuit Breaker Cost to replace standard 15 - 60 amp circuit breaker Example: replace 1st circuit breaker 5, replace additional breaker(s) - [email protected] Cost to replace standard AFCI 15 - 20 amp circuit breaker Example: replace 1st breaker 0, replace additional breaker [email protected] Ground rod Cost to install & wire 8' ground rod start around 0 Bath Fan Replace 50 cfm bath fan motor, cost start at 5 Electrical service agreement Service agreements, 0 - 0 per year Electrical work remodeling costs Accurate electrical cost estimates for adding outlets, switches and lighting to existing a home is not really possible without the electrical contractor looking at the project.

He has published numbers of Technical Articles in "Electrical Mirror", "Electrical India", "Lighting India", "Industrial Electrix"(Australian Power Publications) Magazines.

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The new site covers all the material here and adds a lot of on other camper van conversions, camper van design and build, resources for people converting vans, other efficient camping vehicles, new ideas in efficient RVs and camper van travel hints. I'm leaving these pages here as you may have bookmarked them and the Comments section has some good suggestions, but I suggest that you go to the new site -- I won't be updating this material anymore.Construction type, project size, location, working heights, accessibility, local & national code requirements, quality of the products, quality of workmanship, weather conditions, updating for code, permit costs, local building department inspection fees, EPA fees, disposal fees and many other factors will greatly effect the overall cost of your electrical remodeling job.Below are some ballpark cost estimates for electrical remodeling work in your home (permit, inspection and EPA fees are NOT included).Juno IC1LED G4 06LM 27K 90CRI 120 FRPC - 4" 2700K 120V New Construction LED Down Lights - 600 Lumens 90 CRI - 11.7 Watts - Dimmable - 50,000 Hour Life - UL, ENERGY STAR, Title 24, Damp Location New Work LED Recessed Can Down Light Fixtures - Union Made Lithonia 2BLT2 33L ADP LP840 - 2x2 Single Basket Recessed LED Luminaire - 4000K - 3313 Lumens - 82 CRI - 120-277V - 30 Watts - Dimmable down to 10% - DLC Premium Qualified - T-Grid Center Basket LED Lensed Layin Troffer - Volumetric Illumination 5000K DLC Listed LED Shoebox Lights - Universal 120-277V - 21,000 Lumens - 200 Watt - 80 CRI - Type III Distribution - Bronze Finish - LED Shoebox Area Light Fixture to replace 600 Watt Metal Halide or HPS Light Fixtures.Simkar RG2LEDWR3305048 (57-96058) UL Listed LED High Bay Lighting Fixtures - 330 Watt - 33,740 Lumens - 5000K Daylight - 480 Volt - 0-10V Dimming Driver - LED Warehouse Lighting High Bay - Measures 48" Long x 13 3/8" Wide by 4" High.Thanks to all the people who read these pages and especially to the people who left comments and suggestions! Gary There are serious safety issues involved with wiring your own system. Doing the system incorrectly can lead to serious consequences down the road.


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