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As a driver, you need to protect yourself as much as the people that you are picking up.To this end, we recommend you invest in a dash cam. One of the main reasons that you want to invest in a dash cam stems from verifying fake news.If you have a field with vegetable, fruit or cereals, you’ll give your best to keep them in a good shape, right?Well, what if a terrible storm comes and destroy all your crops? With Agro cam you will track the state of your plants, and you will sent a weekly reports to your insurance company.

You’ll simply set the reminder for the days and time you want (e.g.If anything goes wrong or you feel that you are being accused of something that never happened, this is the place to start.Apparently in 2017, “snitches get riches” – if you let Cam’ron tell it. He calls on the intelligence communities, government bureaucrats, and “disgruntled third wives who didn’t sign up for any of this s***” to give us the low-down on what the current president has cooking up in the Oval Office.They make sure that you always have a secure way to seeing what is going on around you, and what is going on in the back, too.While you might not have eyes on the back of your head, it pays to be as vigilant as you possibly can be.When you get a report back to you about a negative experience that a passenger is claiming, you can then confirm/deny what they are saying is the truth.


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