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Her rich alto, her radiant charisma, and her fun enthusiasm during the group numbers made her a prized player on this tour. HEEJUN HAN (The Engaging Entertainer) Yeah yeah, I know, Heejun is freakin’ hilarious, but did you know that he can rap like nobody’s business too?The funny man showed off his skillz on his cool rendition of John Legend’s “Green Light” and on “Party Rock Anthem”, a spectacular shindig of a group number with De Andre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez.If his performances on tour are an indication, Heejun has great prospects as an entertainer who will bring smiles to many faces!Hello and welcome to my Redos and Rankings of every season of American Idol that I've watched.Instead of the ‘countdown in elimination order’ format of tours’ past, this year’s line-up allows for the Idols to perform together on stage as groups, trios, and duos.

"I'm a little overwhelmed, but besides that I'm good," the singer -- who intends to pursue a career in Christian music -- told Us Weekly after Thursday's show.

The Top 13, in their own words: De Andre Brackensick, 17, from San Jose, Calif. 'Once in My Life' covered by Stevie Wonder is my favorite song."Fun fact(s): "I can eat a whole cup o' noodles in less than 10 seconds. it's the biggest compliment anyone has ever [given] me. I have a little growl in my voice so I relate to that. Six-string strummer: "The guitar, man, it just becomes one with me. I would use it every week if I could, definitely."Fun fact: "I can do an impression of Mr. But Jessica Sanchez is definitely one of my very favorites and she's incredible, so look out for her."Fun fact: "I love juice like an addiction. And the judges' criticism I don't take very hard because I can fix what I need to fix, [which is] my vibrato.

Risky business: "I was kind of preparing for a 'no' [from the judges] because although I was happy with my song choice, the key I did it in was a little shaky... Fantasia Barrino is an amazing singer, my favorite singer, my favorite artist ever. I don't like LA food at all." Shannon Magrane, 16, Tampa, Fla. I love Carrie Underwood because she was this classy, sweet little girl and she had a really pure voice. People say I'm trying to hide behind it and they've said that about so many other artists. Like Damien Rice and John Butler and Dave Matthews. In the past rounds they've told me that my vibrato was a bit thick, so I've been working on that."Fun fact: "I can rap.

Thursday amid audience boos, Tennessee's Dixon, 20, apologized to the show's judges, Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler, for the performance that eventually did him in.

PHOTOS: Before they were judges "I need to apologize.


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