Who is carlito olivero dating

Ariel revealed about her character Alex Dunphy's brand new relationship with Carlito's character: "Filmed today with the incredibly talented @carlitosway89!!!He was my favorite contestant on the X Factor, and now he and Alex may be getting close in an upcoming episode...although he brings her some strange gifts for their date!!I've gone from doing shows with two people to an enormous crowd.No matter how many people are in the crowd, I am blessed and grateful. Chicago has its own vibe and I'm always up for doing a performance here. No matter what event, if it has anything to do with your city, represent and be proud to have the opportunity to perform there., and they are loyal friends, so this is pretty exciting.If you don't know who Carlito Olivero is, then it's about time you do.

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As Paulina Rubio heads to The X Factor finals with her contestant, Carlito Olivero, she’s stirring up scandal with another man she mentored South of the Border.

Carlito will star as Eddie, an all-American 17-year-old and doting caretaker to his diabetic mother.

This good guy also has swagger, and sparks will fly between him and a couple of our favorite Bomb Squad girls both on and off the dance floor.?

Gerardo told me, ‘Please forgive me.'” PHOTOS: Latin America’s Sexiest Stars That’s something that Sandoval hasn’t been able to do yet, as Bazua, 28, and Rubio, 42, flaunt their relationship across the globe. She’s been battling her estranged husband, Nicolás Vallejo-Najera in divorce court for more than a year over custody of their son.

Just this Monday, Rubio was spotted flashing her bare buns as she hugged Bazua in front of Clafoutis in West Hollywood.


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