How can hack imlive private cam

However, the Guest won't be able to rate you during that time.

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Neither of this was the case members account stayed active and his name was not placed on a black list . They refer to me as HEY MODEL, but they ask to be called SIR/MADAM, do they even know what it means to be called a Sir? Their staff is totally ignorant and they don't speak proper English for a fact! They've threatened me with a 100 USD, when I said I want to resign, they said they didn't need me, I was one of the many girls out there, so I deleted my account right a way. These are the worst kind, I wonder how safe are the customers who put their credit card details on that site!!! If you complain they ban you and put you on a blacklist. So many of the North American hosts are leaving imlive for other cam sites. The first month or two I was on, I was doing great, but as soon as I wasn't new anymore, guests started backing off.

I was told by a costomer services rep that in fact it was a refund giving to the member the member claimed that someone hacked his account and spent his credits .imlive simply credited back his account those credits . I'd work 80-100 hours every pay period (that's a 2 week period) and would be lucky if I broke 0 or 0. There's an option on imlive where if you earn in private chat, you can host happy hour which is where you host a chat for 1 hour and guests can join you in happy hour at a discount price and direct your show while you're naked and masturbating.

They need to be shut down or sued for the hundreds of customers and hosts they stole money from. They would "chargeback" my account alot of money every pay period. They do keep 70% of your earnings and then they will take huge chunks out of your earnings for charge backs (when a guest complains to imlive they didn't like the show or when the guest goes to the bank and disputes the charges).

Any lawyer brave enuf to work with me in bringing down this company PLEASE email me at [email protected] will be a million dollar easy winning case for any lawyer due to so many wanting this company's stealing to end. for the past 3 payperiods i was givin a large amount of chargebacks . Also, they keep 70 percent of the cash models make there, along with 70 percent of the tips from well intentioned members. All a guest has to do is tell imlive one bad thing about you, whether it's true or not or whether it's the guests fault for not being more clear on what they want in private, and imlive can perform a chargeback and deduct the earnings out of your paycheck or ban you from the site.


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