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With his excellent singing skills, Slim Thug successfully earned millions of fans. From there onwards, none of them ever confirmed their relationship.

Some sources say that at that time Slim was dating his ex-girlfriend Nikki whom he dumped to get back with Letoya.

April 15, 2017: There have been online rumors for MONTHS – that Rappers Young Thug and Uzi Vert were romantically involved.

At first we thought those rumors were utterly ridiculous – but NOT ANYMORE. Thugga has since deleted the message, but we got a SCREENSHOT of it.

This baby, Terrance Allen, saved his mom and her cousin from being choked and beaten by her abusive thug of a boyfriend, Timothy (Mohammad) Pender, 42. Pender is being charged with second-degree assault charges, one count of misdemeanor third-degree assault and is being held on ,000 bail.

According to the Daily News, “Terrance leaped to the defense of his mother, Tracy Anderson, 35, and her cousin, Kenyetta Parker, 27, Saturday night when Pender turned violent. Now this baby is scared that once Pender comes out of jail he will seek revenge.

"I thought I'd end up like my brothers, in jail or something," he said.

His talent was first spotted by a local music producer named Michael Watts and he began his rapping career as a guest star in a mixtape titled "Swisha House 98".

About six months ago, YFN Lucci claimed that he had slept with Jerrika, which makes sense considering that Jerrika once mentioned in an interview that Thug isn’t really interested in sex so they rarely do anything in the bedroom. Slim Thug once had been dating a professional singer, songwriter as well as an actress Letoya Luckett for a couple of years. However, their relationship didn't last long, and they broke up in 2002. We were back in forth for ten years, he’s like family to me. Slim later opened up the reason behind their separation. In 2012, there came news about the couple getting reunited again as they were spotted at the 2012 Los Magnificos Box Car Show. It further said, they again split in the following year, the year 2009. But, hasn't revealed anything about the child or the girl's identity.Cops said the child grabbed a steak knife and thrust it into Pender’s back after he had beaten Anderson and was choking Parker.” Mom said, “I wouldn’t put my son in any danger. Terrance said, “I’m afraid of him coming back,” Terrance told The News.“I’m the only one who got him to jail.” I blame momma! Even worse is that she brought this monster around her baby!Soon after realizing how much money he could make by distributing his own mixtapes, Slim parted ways with Michael's Swishahouse on good terms and formed his own independent label under the name of Boss Hogg Outlawz.


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