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Email lists have been the backbone of multiple 7-figure businesses of mine. Even though my business has grown exponentially, Email still remains the core of my business today. especially with the simple 5-Step System I’m about to show you. While these types of results may not be typical nor expected, MANY of my students have also been able to create amazing paydays for themselves.As the stoic philosopher Seneca once said, Here’s a very realistic payday that’s possible for someone using my system. Joe Vitale’s products in the Personal Development space. And I set up everything I needed for the campaign in only 45 MINUTES flat. I’m not saying that you’re going to make thousands of dollars off the first Email you send.The most surprising thing is how funny "Manifesto" is, on occasion.Your mileage may vary (humor is subjective, and all that).Going to coffee with someone ~once~ is probably not going to cement a lifelong friendship. Plan bi-monthly brunch hangouts, or wine Wednesday get-togethers the first of every month.I’m the type of person who is easily bored by group fitness classes. And it has MASSIVE advantages that social media can’t even touch. It’s been around longer than anything else and its use continues to rise.Your Email list becomes your asset for the long haul. Listen, not every campaign is going to be a home run. While you probably won’t make over a million dollars on your first go, I believe you can put yourself on the fast-track to build your own email marketing business…

But maybe you haven’t noticed the tremendous BUSINESS opportunity of email because it’s been right under your nose. Just look at these forecasts from The Radicati Group on worldwide email accounts. There isn’t another marketing opportunity, search engine or social media platform that gives you the CONTROL that Email does. A couple years ago, Facebook changed the algorithms for their fan pages.

People are willing to put in the work to get strong because they want to be able to do the fun aerial moves.

"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person.

(I also hate cardio.) I’ve tried yoga, Pilates and spinning, but I always end up just watching the clock.

One day, I learned about a local circus workshop and decided to enroll.


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