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Exclusive products and services available only at Warrior Forum Get great deals on Internet Marketing Products, Services, Trainings and other Offers at the world's largest Internet marketing marketplace I just wanted to tell you guys a bit more about Intimacy Intensive from David De Angelo and the team at Double Your Dating.I've purchased David's products before and I've been quite impressed with my own results.However, the company registered is David De Angelo Marketing Inc. It teaches how to be confident and understand what women want in a guy as well as how a woman goes about dating. The sessions cover a wide range of topics all about relationships.A few of the topics are based on children, love, getting over, awareness of attention and more.

Here’s Why I’m Giving You Such a High-Rate of Commission I know you’re after a program that not only converts your visitors into buyers, but also one that pays out high commissions because you want to make serious money online.

You are given a high-rate of commissions, bucket loads of great copy and paste tools, and several other things to help you earn money from my world-leading programs, which help visitors build friends and influence people.

Check out the programs to see how the market(s) you’re in (whether it be personal development, relationships, dating, or mental health) desperately want the solutions given in the programs.

In the back end all your customers have traveled through your front end, sampled your free materials, purchased an entry level product or service (or several) and have enjoyed significant value from what you offer, so much so, that they are eager to buy more from you.

At this point it becomes much easier to make sales, although since the idea behind a sales funnel is to filter prospects to find hyper-responsives, you don’t have nearly as many people reaching your back end as you do entering your front end.


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