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If parentage is assumed, they’ll work out a child maintenance amount.

The Child Maintenance Service is the new statutory child maintenance service.

It works out how much, and when, child maintenance should be paid on behalf of some separated parents in England, Wales and Scotland.

However, the Government recognises that separated parents cannot always work things out and there are some occasions when it is not appropriate for them to try.

This is why the Government wants to provide an effective statutory child maintenance service as a fall back.

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by deducting child maintenance at source from earnings or bank accounts).

A payee who elected not to have DHS collect maintenance for them when they applied for a child support assessment, or notified DHS of a court order or court registered agreement can later apply for collection. A payee who previously elected not to have their liability registered for collection can later apply for registration.

The Registrar must register that liability for collection.

When the amount hasn’t been worked out, the service managing the case won’t work it out or ask for payment until the disagreement has been sorted out.

The Government’s aim is that improved help and support to parents will help more parents work out child maintenance themselves without needing to involve the state.


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