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Essentially I want to "forward" the webcam input into another USB's output. a way to do USB over IP, but it is propriety, costs money and has some quirks (as a USB packet takes about 3 IP packets)...usbnet is the package you need if you really want to do USB over IP.

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Unless you mean "I have a laptop with a webcam and a desktop without and I want to plug a USB cable between the two and use the webcam from the laptop on my desktop" then that is just plain impossible! These are the webcams are the cameras built right into your computers (usually above your laptop screen) or connected via USB. If you accidentally click a bad link or download the wrong file, that malware could contain executable code to turn on your webcam and send that video feed to a website or save it somewhere else.Worse, often this kind of malware can even disable the camera's LED light, so you'd never know your camera's been hijacked just by looking at it.You’ll see your video bubble appear in your meeting.As others join by video, you’ll see their video bubbles pop up here as well!Any Meeting offers a simple, affordable tool that meets all the conferencing needs of small business, from a phone, video or web conference to a large webinar.


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