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For instance, in the first round of awards — Best Dressed, Male — Neha was for Ranbir Kapoor because he looked vintage in his white suit in his episode with Ranveer Singh. She was forthright with her opinion, went against the popular vote and had full-on Oscars-like speeches for her picks.

But his turtleneck was far too polarising, and Malaika (who initially picked Aditya Roy Kapoor but was down with the popular vote for Shahid) said, “Let’s just please Neha, she might start crying she might just have a meltdown! Also providing the best burn of the episode was the host, Karan Johar himself, who at some point in the beginning, said to Neha, “Thank you for being the first guest to turn up in house-wear! Then there was AIB member Rohan Joshi who was, as expected, super funny and spot on with his comedic timing.

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Hrithik Roshan, Zareen Khan, Neha Dhupia and Zayed Khan, are in Antalya to attend a friends wedding, and the hashtag #weddingnights and #antalya has been trending online since quite some time now. Apart from Hrithik Roshan, Zareen Khan, has also posted numerous pictures on her Instagram account wearing beautiful dresses for the wedding night, and visiting several tourist spots during her free time. Post Bigg Boss 9, he made a successful transition on the daily soap space with &TV’s Badho Bahu.The show is the No.1 for &TV and he couldn’t be happier.This was the platform that appreciated me and gave me love. Badho Bahu is doing fabulously, it’s the No.1 show on &TV and all I can say is bahut sahi hai.” The actor plays a wrestler, Lucky who get married to the overweight Komal (Rytasha Rathore).When asked about what quality he is looking for in the contestants, Prince opines, “I think I will judge people by how much pagalpan they gave. I tell my team to be a specialists in one thing rather than attempt everything. Roadies Rising is in the 7pm slot, which is a good time to watch TV. I remember changing the channel whenever my parents came as Roadies had a lot of abusing in that time.These four had definite chemistry, amongst themselves and with Karan too, but, GUYS, nothing could beat the last few minutes of the show.


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