Detailsview itemupdating old values

Hi, I have a Details View control bound to a Sql Data Source. Finish Execute Read er(Sql Data Reader ds, Run Behavior run Behavior, String reset Options String) 147 System. I've got everything working nearly as I want, but here's my problem. First Bind Data to Details View control from sql server..

Data Bind(); All the examples i've come across show a declerative data source being used.

This means the data access layer was bypassed completely, so any business logic that dealt with encryption on this page had to use a different execution path. The problem could be divided into two tasks: The first task was the easier of the two, as it just involved referencing the encryption library from the code behind page and calling the function inline in the aspx page.

So, the method in the code behind page would look like something like this: However, decrypting the data using a templatefield tag posed another problem, extracting new values from the ‘Text Box1’ control.

Post your data description for this table and relevent code. On Error(Sql Exc eption exception, Boolean break Connection) 177 System.

-- Best Regards The Inimitable Mr Newbie Hi, I have a Details View control bound to a Sql Data Source.


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