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Well now that I think about it- I had ONCE, and she was 17, but the lying cunt had actually told me that she was 18 :shock:! By the way, that had taken place while island-hopping through the Caribbean back in 2006.

Technically, I didn’t contravene any law by banging that 17 year old [I’ll clarify with the raw datum later on].

In the Eastern Caribbean (the entire Caribbean for that matter), the legal age of sexual consent is between the ages of 14-16, whereby each individual island fluctuates between those numbers.

Ireland, Whales] : 16 Why the following 4 nations have their laws at 18 beats the shit out of me.

The rising sign or ascendant (the external self) is second in importance only to the Sun-Sign (the inner self).

When his account was open I looked through Mario’s page and he seems to be very happy with his attractive non black woman, the fact of the matter is every time I talk to black men who have taken the plunge and decided to date out it’s always the same story, they are extremely grateful that they made the decision, a huge weight was lifted from their shoulders and their lives became stress free almost immediately.

Again, the dysfunctions of black women are out in the open for all to see, at this point it is futile to claim that only a minority of black women are problematic.


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