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The case of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev absorbed Americans as no death-penalty drama has in years.

Alex Kozinski: Yes, when the president is a litigant I think it’s wise for him not to comment on the judges. Alex Kozinski: If they’re both in the same hands it means that the country, the people, want to move in that direction.

It’s not going to help anything—and all it’s going to do is emphasize the weakness of your position. The president himself has come after the Circuit saying that 80 percent of your decisions are overturned by the Supreme Court. I don’t think it’s the job of the judiciary to stand in the way.

His Court of Appeals, the nation’s largest, covering the Western United States, refused to lift the block on the president’s travel ban in February, and is scheduled to weigh in on the revised ban next month.

We sat down with Judge Kozinski to discuss his distrust of authority, his crusade against dishonest prosecutors, the so-called Muslim ban, and what he thinks of President Trump’s singling out and attacking federal judges.


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