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A girl they are not interested in, not even to have sex.And the reason they do that is to get a confirmation that they still “have it”, that they are still in the game, that they can seduce a girl.Also in Norway, a previous study based on figures from 1969–2005 showed a high percentage of boys among children of Indian origin living in Norway, when the birth was of higher order (third birth or later).This was suggested to reflect a practice of sex-selective abortions in the Indian immigrant population.Earlier this year, a Swedish music video aired on a children’s show “Willie and Twinkle”, featuring singing penises and vaginas went viral.In some Western countries, a disturbingly low share of girls has been observed among new-borns from Indian immigrants.At one point in the programme, Jansrud explained menstruation with her face looking at the camera between the naked thighs of the assistant, while bright red blood trickled down only centimetres from her head.”Many people thought I was acting, but it was totally real," she told Dagbladet.

Victims identified in 2009 originated in 45 countries, but most originated in Nigeria or other African countries and Eastern Europe. People laughing is always the best way to remember a word or an expression in a foreign language.But in Norway men have a third reason to flirt with a girl.Contrary to findings from earlier periods and other Western countries, we found that Indian-born women in Norway gave birth to more girls than boys of higher order in the period 2006–2012.This is somewhat surprising, since sex selection is usually expected to be stronger if the mother already has two or more children."Of course it’s private, but I’m passionate about showing children how the body works and that includes pregnancy.


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