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12, on everything from the babies he didn't have with ex-wife Jessica Simpson to his sex life with his pregnant wife Vanessa Lachey.PHOTOS: Nick and Vanessa "How happy are you that you didn't have a baby with Jessica?Both had enjoyed successful enough singing careers previously, but it was their MTV reality show, that catapulted them to fame. Many fans came to feel they actually knew the Lacheys on a personal level, following the ups and downs of the marriage as if it were their own.At its height, more than four million viewers tuned in each week to watch their fights over laundry, cuddle sessions on the couch and unintentionally hilarious conversations (“Is this chicken, what I have here? And so in Hollywood, where celebrity divorces are not exactly uncommon, this breakup has attracted more than its fair share of attention.

It might seem like a small step, but for Simpson it’s a symbol of her new desire for independence.“I just feel alive. I feel like I can do anything and there’s nobody to answer to but myself,” says Simpson.

In short, it’s been a bad time for Jessica Simpson: flop, flop, country flop, fat picture.

, Simpson has already forgiven the 98 Degrees boy bander. After a bit of banter about the couple's MTV reality show, Cohen asked what Lachey liked best about being free of the mentor's dad and manager. PHOTOS: Nick and Vanessa's most romantic moments Both have since moved on -- Lachey with Minnillo, and his ex with football player Eric Johnson, with whom she has a daughter, 13-month-old Maxwell, and a son on the way.

"I wouldn't say it's friends and I wouldn't say it's enemies — there is just no contact.

Simpson signed a recording contract with Columbia Records when she was sixteen, and released her debut studio album in 1999.


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