Dating spots in noida

Oh yes, the Himalayan Pink Salted Caramel deserves a special mention. Besides the picturesque setting, Fio also offers a brilliant range of Italian and Indian cuisines making it a ten-on-ten for love birds. 3,000 Thai High Craving for some quiet ‘together time’?

Head straight to this place that exudes a dreamlike vibe!

I was new to the city and didn’t know much about our kind of places.

We pledged to discover the perfect places to date in a city with an element of love, passion and romance. Sevilla Be it your anniversary or your first date, Sevilla seduces you with its miraculous setting. Fio Country Kitchen & Bar People, this one is a special recommendation!

Looking for a way to spend the day or evening with your sweetheart?

If you’re wondering where the most romantic destinations in Gurgaon are, we have listed them for you. Whether you have an adventurous or an art lover, or a foodie, fret not!

Restaurants near the Qutab are blessed with a salubrious setting.

Get a flavour of world cuisine in Noida at all the restaurants in our top 10 restaurants in list.

Get helpful insights into menus, cuisines, see how critics rate the restaurant, read reviews, find out how they are priced, check out the map on how to get there and much more on dineout.

Unexplored by the fancy lot, this one is a gold mine when it comes to old-world culture and heritage structures.

Haveli Dharampura is a great option for those who still like it fancy, but the street offerings are still unparalleled.


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