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I signed in almost immediately, because I love my channels dearly.Doing so was elegant – no typing your password using an on-screen keyboard here.

This will work, however it requires that a computer always be on.Originally announced in a press conference on September 16, 2006, the Wii Channel Menu is the Wii's Operating System; this menu is what all Wii users see after passing the unit's "Health & Safety" screen upon start-up.The Wii Channel Menu was created with the idea of TV channels in mind; each feature/application of Wii, known as a Channel, is stored in a Channel slot on the Wii Menu that features an animated icon.If you are using System Menu 3.4, you must immediately put the Twilight Hack to use. Download the Hack Mii installer You can use the mac address to build a custom hackmii installer at Letter Bomb MAKE SURE YOU SELECT YOUR REGION up top If you get the captcha wrong, it will RESET your region. If you do, the installer, well, in my case hung the wii. Errors = Bad News, so try again After that is done, now comes that most important step in this whole process : If a wad fails to install, try to install that wad again.Turning off or running some other channel or game will have the System Menu delete the savegame again, and you'll have to start over. If the wad still fails, press B to go back to the main menu, select reload ios, reload ios236, then try to install the wad that is giving you trouble again.(*If you still want e Shop access, check out the /r/wiiuhacks wiki).


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