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Germany feared Russia's rapid industrialization and Russia feared Germany's already established industrial power. The ultimate result of this was the bloody Eastern Front during the , Germany was allowed to reunite. Federal Republic of Germany and the Russian Federation Relations between the two nations since the fall of communism have been generally good but not always without tension.German chancellor is home to a fast growing Russian community.

However when the new Tsar Peter III came to power he signed the Treaty of Saint Petersburg and made peace with Prussia, allowing Prussia's Fredrick the Great to concentrate on other enemies. is possibleto write anything, but you have to just feel - your"s! You are searching for the man of your dream to create a family and decided to try your luck with dating in Germany … International dating and marriage site Inter Friendship was launched in Germany in 1999.And of course Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate and Old Masters Gallery - these places must see each Russian bride.Do not be afraid to write a German man first - he will be glad to paid attention and return your feelings with a great pleasure.More information about economic, geographical and other characteristics about any land is available from Wikipedia or from your new German friend whom you will find through our dating site.


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