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I put a cell before my health and i am an average health concious individual, im in some way in and out of touch with my body, so don't just write me off as this overly sensitive fluke of a person who is able to sense something so odd like feeling the signal loss from her "CELL PHONE?!

" im not crazy im afraid but not crazy and i don't scare easily.

A quadcopter is another type of multirotor aircraft with four rotors.

If this is your first time looking at drones for sale, then you probably don’t understand all of these crazy drone terms.

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Now that Jensen has seen Jared, he's not so willing to let the Omega go, but can he convince Jared to stay, especially when good cop and rival Alpha Tom Welling shows up?

Quote by ~ William Shakespeare There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.

Quote by ~ George Santayana Happiness is good health and a bad memory.

Click below on the type of drone that you’re interested in to learn more about them, and find the best drones in that category.

Each model in the three categories was picked based on features, quality, ease of use and value.


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