Wonder woman superman dating

"We weren't saying Lois should die and Superman and Wonder Woman should together for ever and ever," Waid told Comic

"That wasn't the point of the story; that was unintended consequences.

Superman and Wonder Woman each have friends they can turn to who are rooting for a successful lovelife — Cat Grant may not know her journalist partner, Clark Kent, is actually Superman but she digs the idea of him having a hot date. Issue 2 features a meet-the-parents scenario where Superman and Wonder Woman go to visit Diana's family, the Olympian gods that Brian Azzarello has been writing in the main Wonder Woman series."The gods are very imperious, they're very cocky, they mess with people because they think they're superior to everyone on Earth, but then you have Superman, who is basically a god in his own right, and there's some really fun tension," Soule says.

Superman" from "Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #136" (February 1974).

The current title following the combined adventures of the newly romantically involved “power couple”, , premiered in 2013 in conjunction with DC’s line-wide “New 52” reboot.

The series’ initial writer, Charles Soule, explained before the title’s launch: “They're arguably two of the most powerful beings in the whole DC Universe and they're romantic together so just imagine the adventures and excitement that can come from that.” audience.... ” Readers of the series can determine for themselves whether has been well plotted over its two-year run, but Soule’s and Daniel’s comments make it clear that the premise is that, as the most powerful man and woman in the Justice League lineup, the Man of Steel and the Amazon Princess make a natural couple.

And that aforementioned scene in the first issue showcases one of the main things that Soule wants out of his series: a deep-dive into superpowered relationships. According to Diamond Comics Distributors, the debut issue was the No.

7 comic in all of October, out-selling even Neil Gaiman's much-ballyhooed return to The Sandman.)"They're both coming at it from the place of 'I want to share something of myself with this other person,' which is a noble goal.


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