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The winners of the quarter-finals will qualify for the semi-finals which will determine who will play in the gold and bronze medal matches, which are scheduled for Friday 19th August.

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The New Zealand Men are in action on the opening day of competition against trans-Tasman rivals Australia at am on Sunday 7th August (NZ time) before the Women open their campaign against Korea at am the following Monday morning.Deadline for the Expansion Club to submit SPCs for any pending UFA/RFAs who are selected by the Expansion Club and signed to a new contract (10 a.m. The Expansion Club is permitted to sign a current or pending Free Agent on a Current Club’s list of Available Players during the period between a.m. ET on Wednesday, June 21, and in so doing will be deemed to have made its Expansion Draft selection from such Current Club.If the Expansion Club signs a Restricted Free Agent from the Available List of a Current Club during said period, the Current Club will not be entitled to any compensation from the Expansion Club.The first character in the emblem also represents a gathering place where the three elements of Cheon-ji-in – heaven, earth, and human – are in harmony.The second character symbolises snow and ice, as well as the athletes’ stellar performances.Pyeong Chang 2018’s new emblem symbolises a grand gathering of people from all around the world in celebration of Olympic winter sports, which is taking place in the harmonious land of Pyeong Chang – “A square where the earth meets the sky, and where athletes excel in snow or on ice - that’s where everyone will celebrate the world’s biggest winter festival in 2018.” The city of Pyeong Chang will host the XXIII Olympic Winter Games.


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