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." as the entire universe is blown back into the dark ages regardless of just how well or badly you played the game. Now the internet is alive with fan vitriol at just how badly the ending was executed, reminding this reviewer of the scorn and ridicule that met the ending of the original Evangelion serial.By the way, if anybody can actually tell you what they think the plot was in that series,.Anyway, back to ME3, people are apparently pissed and are banding together to let Bioware know just how pissed they are, but I have to tell you your rage is misplaced.Most people seem to be upset that no matter what they did, you still got the same overarching theme with only minor details changing through it. First, when people play this sort of game, they want to make a difference.News Comments Today’s main news: Varo Money applies for a bank charter. MPOWER Financing launches 0M debt funding round. Social Finance Inc., known as So Fi, is seeking to become a Utah industrial bank. That means it would take deposits, pay interest, make loans in any state, and issue cards, all through smartphone apps. bedside levitra costs attributed However lurking behind this question is an even bigger one.

On February 17, 2015 the MHTBA released the results of a member survey by UM BBER showing Montana’s high tech and manufacturing sector are growing eight times the state economy and paying an average wage double the state median.

Today’s […] Varo Money Inc., a digital banking startup backed by private-equity firm Warburg Pincus LLC, last week formally applied for a national banking charter and deposit insurance, the company said. Taking those steps could put Varo—which now partners with banks to provide services for its mobile banking application—on the path to becoming a full-fledged, regulated bank.

Today’s main analysis: Peer IQ on Pay Pal, Lending Club, and On Deck.

Social Finance, a hot financial start-up, is the latest prominent Silicon Valley company to face accusations that it turned a blind eye to sexual harassment.

The former employee who filed the suit, Brandon Charles, worked at So Fi for only a few months this year.


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