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” Before we had the chance to question whether there even was a place to eat this high up, let alone a choice, he suggested the Halal Pelmennaya. Petersburg to Samarkand, the staple of Soviet cuisine that is is usually served slippery, anaemic and, in my regrettably ample experience, filled with whatever cheap gristly meat is available.

Our man then launched into a speech clearly reserved for those impatient foreigners who, for want of adventure and USD, decide to take the day-long drive between Bishkek and Osh rather than the hour-long flight.

Setting off at dawn from the capital, for the first four hours of daylight we careened along Kyrgyzstan’s mountainous highways, past yurt-studded pastures and perilous canyons.

“If I drive fast, it takes longer, if I go slow—God has other plans,” he intoned with evident relish.

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I belive in basic values of life ,hardwork and sacrifices for others !!


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