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The 32-year-old actor is a favorite in the Best Actor Oscar race, for his portrayal of physicist Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything.” IGGY CHOP: AZALEA RISKS FINGER Karma caught Iggy Azalea by the finger.When fans waiting outside the Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden booed the “Fancy” singer on Friday for not stopping to take selfies with them, she flipped them the bird.While Swift was clearly making fun of that incident, one couldn't help but see a slight bit of panic in her face and posture when Timberlake began taking one to many strides towards the dais.

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I immediately, like it was Christmas, jumped out of bed, euphoric, and started thinking about the situation and really examining it from all angles.

“When she came back out later, some fans chased her car down the street and she pulled down the window and took a picture with them,” laughed a [email protected] spy.

“But when the driver went to put the window up, it pinched her finger!

Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift have long enjoyed mocking the latter's infamous over-the-top excitement when collecting a lost list of music awards - and the joke never gets old.

At the i Heart Radio Awards on Sunday, the mischievous pair took their teasing to the next level when Swift was announced as the winner of the best lyrics prize for her single "Blank Space" from her album.


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