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Alternatively, these phones should come with only a basic plan without data packages, so that they cannot access the Internet freely.

Voice of the Children chairman Sharmila Sekaran says identifying what they do with their phones when their parents are not around is difficult and children should not be given access to the Internet on their phones without supervision.

Even those embedded in the tech industry might not be aware of Malaysia's early attempt to jump on the digital bandwagon; I first heard of it via a now obscure story by Canadian journalist Chris Turner, who visited Cyberjaya in 2000, three years after its press launch.

magazine, now defunct (and not online; the essay lives on via his latest book), he too asked his driver "Do you know where you're going? Turner also struggled with the disconnect between a country trying to build the next Silicon Valley while simultaneously having a derisible record of online freedoms.

Nigel Tan, country director of Symantec Malaysia & Thailand also shared in 2014, Malaysia ranked fifth in the Asia Pacific and Japan region for the number of social media scams.

84 per cent of such scams were shared manually, 14 per cent higher than the global average as attackers took advantage of people’s willingness to trust content shared by their friends.

Once bubbly and chatty, your daughter is now quiet and morose.

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“They just need a basic phone that enables parents to be able to keep track of their whereabouts.Most Popular Scams In Malaysia Based on the statistics shared by Cyber Security Malaysia, as generated by My Computer Response Team (My CERT), the Incident Statistics report in 2015 shows that spam recorded the highest number of incidents at 3,500,while fraud came in second with a total of 2,960 cases.According to Cyber Security Malaysia, the most common case involves victims targeted via social networking sites, where scammers usually create profiles portraying him or herself as an attractive Asian woman, luring potential victims, and subsequently inviting them for intimate video chats.And with 63% household broadband penetration and 35% of Malaysian mobile subscribers below the age of 18, he notes, parents here have cause to worry.A minor paradise The Internet has long been a playground for sexual predators, Dr Raymond Choo, Fulbright scholar and senior lecturer at the University of South Australia concedes.He highlights a study he quoted in a report he wrote on child internet safety for the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC), “Sexual Abuse” (by Gee DG, Devilly GJ & Ward T, 2004): two in three men admit they fantasise about young girls.


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