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Simone and I also pictured a lot of hairspray and barrettes. When I arrived at the New York City hotel room where Alicia was doing press for her new gig as the beauty ambassador for Proctor & Gamble’s Beauty & Grooming sponsorship of Team USA, I was struck by a) how incredibly pretty she is and b) how much she resembles Lea Michele.She said she gets that a lot, and about other starlets: "someone told me [I looked like] Selena Gomez the other day, I was like, ‘Uhhh, I don’t know about that one.’” Alicia is into beauty.In fact, the way I looked on "Project" threw me into a day-long depression: I didn't look like myself, so I didn't feel like myself.Other than my beloved red lipstick, this sentiment summarizes my feelings about all other cosmetics touching my face.

Guy was so convinced, in fact, that a few months after the 2012 Olympics, he got Andrew on a plane to Los Angeles to meet Johnson while she competed on "Dancing With the Stars.""I thought it was insane," Johnson says with a huge smile on her face. They had a fleeting meeting six months later at the Indy 500 in East's hometown.

He was signed and cut twice by the New York Jets this past season before landing with St. Sacramone, who has changed her last name to Quinn on Twitter, won a silver medal with the U.

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They happened almost simultaneously, and now — in a perfectly romantic act — the two will come together with a wedding.

The day will showcase Nashville designers, drinks and desserts — and Johnson's adoration of her man and the city she now calls home.


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