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Enjoy quality global chatting and other free services. They are beautiful members from around the world for you to meet up.Make friends, explore opportunities and even conclude dating with them.They could ask for your IDs as a form of blackmail, they could have hidden cameras, or worse. In all honesty, you're not going to find a safe and reputable place for less than about Rs. They can't keep it with them or demand it later.They also can't ask you if you're married, if your family knows where you are, etc.Keep in mind, if you think buying condoms is embarrassing, an unwanted pregnancy or STI is a LOT more embarrassing.

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You may want to consider other forms of birth control (IUD, Implanon) as pills come with risks: they can be less effective if exposed to extreme heat, they can be stolen or lost, you can forget to take them every day, or they can be ineffective if you become sick or use antibiotics. Again, talk to your doctor about all of this, and talk about it well before you leave. Let me repeat that: you will have to mime that you need a condom.

Whether or not you want to believe this is from personal experience…well, I don’t kiss and tell. If you are a woman on the pill or other forms of birth control, make sure you are stocked up or up-to-date for the duration of your trip.

In Canada, for example, you need a prescription for birth control pills, but some countries, like Thailand, allow you to purchase the pill over-the-counter. Condoms vary around the world and you will feel better (and safer) if you travel with a stash of the brand you are comfortable with.

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