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Therefore, employees’ knowledge and competences need to be adapted adequately.

Consequently, educational goals have also changed significantly, as outlined in [1].

More Gross margins are on par with Nike and Adidas. Most of all, this brand is STRONG with kids (including my son) and that is what sells me. Brand may yet wind up as "Blunder Armour" one that caters to big fat man-booby butted old white guys who should never, ever wear "performance" wear. I believe they will figure out how best to get their products to the consumer.

I am not totally down with their wearables/digital strategy but overall I think this is a good time to buy in. From what I can observe, from young children to older folks, there are a lot of people wearing Under Armour, so the demand is there but the distribution channels are in transition.

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I love children, so it is not a problem if you have a child or children from previous relationship) But at the same time you have to be ready to have more children with me)))))) I like helping people so in the future I plan to become a nurse) I ...

This paper aims to give a consolidated review on the development in these two years; which technologies and trends proved to be enduring and how the concept of Web 2.0 has influenced E- Learning in this time.

The basic concepts summarized in the term E-Learning 2.0 are presented as well as tangible examples of their implementation.

Moreover answers on the question as to what extent these concepts already influence university level learning are presented.

1 Introduction Within the last decades our society has changed from a product-oriented economy to a service-oriented and knowledge-centered economy.


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