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The most common question I receive regarding old family photographs is how to date them. After all, dating a photograph is the first step in being able to identify the individual(s).

These are some of my favorite and “go-to” resources for dating photographs.

To understand your pictures research as many ancestors as possible so that you know where they lived as well as their birth and death dates.

In order to solve an unidentified picture, start with your genealogy. Those images may represent your mother's side of the family or include pictures of your father's grandfather's cousins.

Have you ever wished you had a photo of a long ago ancestor?

Wouldn't it be great to find out what great-grandpa Bert or great-grandma Olive looked like?

The clothing styles for both men and women shift and changed during that time period, as did class lines and values.

While she (and all of us) talked about how much she is enjoying the visual and historical eye candy of the show, she brings it back around to the details that are so important to dating and researching a photograph for family history.


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