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In California, they have moved on to vegan speed dating.

Here in Ireland, singles’ supper clubs, speedy quiz nights, regular table-to-table speed dating, salsa for singles and singles’ countryside walks are appearing on social calendars in towns and cities.

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But for the purposes of this piece, we’ll be focusing on a more specific group of single people — several of whom may, in fact, at this very moment be sitting down with a cup of coffee to open their inbox and browse through a suggested selection of potential life-partners This group (as you’ve probably guessed) went speed-dating during the week. Now, whatever else you think such an undertaking might say about a person, it plainly indicates a certain level of thought it might be worth heading along too.

If you would like to attend please PM me as we will only issue additional tickets for people WHO HAVE ROOMS.

If you are a landlord and would still like to attend please contact me directly. Join our Speed Roommating drinks event at 7pm on Tuesday 7th February. Speed Roommating is a super easy way to meet great roomies over a drink.

But the events remain a taboo subject among many, carrying a curious stigma that is difficult to articulate.

Most participants are fearful of a public “badge of desperation” because of past perceptions of lonely-hearts columns and online chatrooms.


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