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Previously, Morton is the one who claims that Angelina homewrecked Ethan Hawke’s marriage to Uma Thurman, and she also supposedly seduced Lenny Kravitz back in the 1990s, and Ralph Fiennes sometime before Brad.

Oh, and Andrew Morton is also going to tell us about all of the VOODOO that she does so well.

Angelina Jolie is reportedly seeking solace from her formerly estranged father Jon Voight during her difficult divorce with Brad Pitt. News report, the actor was spotted leaving a sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills on 10 May with Voight and four of her children – Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, and twins Vivienne and Knox.

Jolie sported a long, black scoop neck dress for the family dinner date. News at the King Arthur premiere earlier this week that "Angie's doing good" these days.

Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight have always had a difficult father-daughter relationship, and Angelina’s old caretaker, Cis Rundle, confirms the details of their contentious relationship in an exclusive interview with the National Enquirer.

When asked about the former couple's custody agreement, the Midnight Cowboy actor told the news outlet, "I'm rooting for them. That year, she invited her father to meet her and her family in Venice, where she was filming Voight told E! It was wonderful to be with the family and each of the kids is very special in their own way.

"The bottom line is that Angelina just doesn't like Jon and sees no reason why he deserves access to the kids.

He was a horrible role model and she'll never forgive or forget the past," the source added.

Now 35 and a mother to six kids she shares with love Brad Pitt, Jolie has publicly declared her devotion to Bertrand, who passed away in January 2007 of cancer. They’re the same age, they came up through Hollywood around the same time… “It’s hard for me to be away from my grandkids, yes, but I’ll stay in touch with them,” Voight told PEOPLE at a screening of show’s pilot episode at the Paley Center in Los Angeles. “It’s interesting to talk to her about why she made the decision to this movie …

But Morton writes that Jolie was permanently scarred by this early abandonment — leading her to self-destructive acts and a “come here, now go away” personality. it could have happened, but I don’t see Leo as her type, really. “Thank god we have this technology, and you know, we use all of it.” Specifically, Voight means Skype – and he plans to use it to chat with Jolie, Brad Pitt and their kids. “Anyway, I love being in touch with the family.” As for Jolie, with whom he had a famously fraught relationship, watching her in action in Salt was thrilling for Voight, who thought she elevated the action flick into something more gripping. “And Angie, for some reason, has this emotional capacity to make every piece of this really authentic, ’cause it’s really unreal stuff that they’re doing. She was nursing two babies at the time that she decided to do this role.” [From People] You know, if Angelina wants her dad back in her life, so be it.


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