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She made debuted as a radio host in Dallas at 97.9 The Beat, which was a popular FM radio station.

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From somewhere came another van, and we all got in. The hardest thing was getting in the van and leaving him. As I get older, I can talk about it to my parents more. It made me understand why we don't bring flowers to a gravesite. When I'm actually doing that I feel connected to the soul.

"Their kids have met and everything," the insider said.

Haley's Comet was in the sky, and our whole family (five of us) plus an aunt and two cousins went camping to a park in the north to get the best view. The holiday was glorious, and my brother, who was 11, said to my mom at the end, "I've had such a good time. Suddenly the van started swerving, a tire blew, and my mom lost control. There were no seat belts in the van, so we all tumbled over one another.

According to reports, the actor dumped the former BET 106 & Park host after she became too clingy.

The 51-year-old actor is reportedly dating 28-year-old Rocsi Diaz, who was photographed joining him on his annual family trip to Maui, Hawaii.


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